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Zap Kill – Zapper

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Eliminate Mosquitos From Any Environment in Minutes

Over 67,000 Bite-Free Customers

  • Finally, Get rid of insects
  • 100% Natural and Safe
  • Powerful and Portable

You’ll Love Our Advanced FlashBeam Technology

Our 360° ultra-precise UV light technology lures and eliminates 7x more mosquitoes than other bug zappers.

We know summer days can be brutal. The hot weather makes it a field day for mosquitos.

The bugs always invite themselves to the party. Our technology attracts annoying bugs and the electrified grate sparks them DEAD! Enjoy your summer 100% bite-free.

Enjoy The Great Outdoors 100% Bite-Free!

  • Powerful electroshock technology
  • Safe for kids and pets
  • ZERO harmful chemicals
  • It takes seconds to clean
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • Hassle-free cleaning

How Does It Work?

ZapKill lets you eliminate annoying mosquitoes wherever you are – WITHOUT breaking the bank. It’s the only scientifically-backed product of its kind. Recommended by both physicists and professional exterminators.

1. Charge the device using the supplied USB Cable

2. Just turn it to turn on the “ZAP mode”

3. Enjoy your summer 100% bite-free

What’s So Great About ZapKill?

It’s A New Generation Of Pest Control

  • Eliminate Pesky Insects In Seconds

ZapKill’s powerful UV light activates the approaching behavior in biting insects. And zaps them DEAD when they get too close. Dead insects fall into a hidden receptacle for easier disposal.

  • Use It Anytime Anywhere

At only 7 ounces, ZapKill is the most portable device of its kind. Hang it in your house, by the window, in your car or backyard. It’s also perfect for camping, fishing, hiking, sailing… You name it! When you’re done with pesky insects, you can also use it as a standalone lantern.

  • 100% Natural And Safe To Use

ZapKill uses ZERO harmful chemicals. Making it completely safe to use around children and pets.

  • Rugged & Weatherproof

ZapKill’s rugged housing makes it resistant to rain, snow, and intense heat. No matter the weather, no biting critter will go unnoticed and uncaptured.

Customer Support

  • Full refund guarantee without hassle
  • Email support around the clock
  • Exclusive quality inspection per order
  • No hidden costs
  • Package tracking in real time
Zap Kill - Zapper

Zap Kill – Zapper

$30.95 $54.95

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