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Do you fear finding chewed up furniture from you dog?

We’ve got the solution! Your dogs destructive behaviour is now over!

The TugWrap – Bungee Tug Toy combats boredom and frustration without them developing more aggressive behaviour! The TugWrap is made with high quality materials designed to last long term unlike traditional dog toys that waste your money!

Our TugWrap is specifically designed to stop your dogs destructive behaviour and to keep them positively entertained for hours!

Why You NEED The TugWrap

  • Less Destructive Behaviour – Tug toy to chew onto so your dog redirects their natural urge to chew onto a safe outlet which means they satisfy their urge and no longer take it out on the furniture!
  • Burn Energy – Highly active play so you can tire your dog out with intense exercise which means you can sit down and relax with your dog in the evening.

  • Promotes Metal Stimulation – Unpredictable movement so your dog is constantly engaged and less board which means you will see a decrease in their destructive habits.
  • Save Money – High grade metal for strength and durability so your dog can tug it hard which means you’ll spend a lot less money on dog toys!

  • Fun Fitness – Bounces up and down so your dog doesn’t become bored and uninterested which means your dog plays for longer and becomes healthier.
  • Reduce Stress And Anxiety – Vigorous play so you can provide a healthy outlet to release your dog’s frustration and stress which means they become more relaxed and better behaved!

We know the headaches of trying to look after a highly energetic and destructive dog and when they become bored it can be horrendous! But what’s more upsetting is our loving pup can’t help it by feeling overwhelmed! A recent study shows that 82% of dogs show behaviour issues which continue to worsen if untreated!

With the TugWrap give your dog a positive outlet for the excessive energy and frustration they currently have bottled up inside them! The TugWrap does more than reduce your dog’s aggression, it helps their mental stimulation with fun active play! Enjoy watching your dog being occupied for hours while they improve their behaviour with a positive and beneficial outlet!

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$39.95 $44.95

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