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SplashPlay Pet Pad

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Beat the heat & keep your dog cool effortlessly with the SplashPlay Pet Pad! This innovative splash pad ensures your pet stays comfortable and happy during the hot summer months, offering endless fun and joy.

  • Offers So Much Fun & Joy: Watch your dog splash around and play for hours on end. The SplashPlay Pet Pad provides an engaging and entertaining experience, making it a favorite for pets and pet owners alike.
  • Thicker and Tougher Materials: Crafted from durable, high-quality materials, the SplashPlay Pet Pad is designed to withstand even the most energetic dogs. You won’t have to hold your dog back – let them play to their heart’s content!
  • Keep Your Dog Active & Entertained: This splash pad not only cools your dog down but also keeps them active and engaged. It’s the perfect way to ensure your pet gets plenty of exercise while staying cool.
  • 100% Vet-Backed Fun: Trusted and recommended by veterinarians, the SplashPlay Pet Pad is a safe and enjoyable way to keep your dog cool and entertained. Your furry friend will love it, and you’ll love the peace of mind.
  • Portable & Easy to Set Up: Designed for convenience, the SplashPlay Pet Pad is portable and easy to set up. Simply connect it to a hose, and it’s ready for playtime. No complicated instructions or tools are needed.
  • Scratch Resistant, Tear-Proof & Anti-Slip Surface: Built to last, the SplashPlay Pet Pad features a scratch-resistant, tear-proof design and an anti-slip surface. Your dog can play safely and comfortably without any worry of damage.
  • Encourages Love for Water & Bathtime: The SplashPlay Pet Pad helps foster a love for water in your dog, making bathtime a breeze. It’s a great way to introduce water play and ensure your dog enjoys every moment.

Ensure your dog has a fun, cool summer with the SplashPlay Pet Pad – because a happy dog is a cool dog!

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SplashPlay Pet Pad

SplashPlay Pet Pad

$39.95 $97.91

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