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Qrismora Waves Vinyl

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Which one of these do you need ? Is it Music ? Is it Premium look ? Maybe Clock & an Alarm ? Or is it Mesmerizing lights ? How about a Relaxing ASMR ? What more could you ask for ! it’s everything in one. Cherish every moment, everywhere!

  • 3 AmbientModes
  • 4 RelaxingWhite Noises
  • KnobPlayback
  • Alarm& Clock
  • Bluetooth Mode
  • 360° Surround Sound

Turn Your Space Into A Cozy Haven Of Creativity, Calm, And Chill Vibes!

Feel the chill vibes of vintage light waves to spark your creativity, melt away stress, and find your inner calm. Our Retro Bluetooth Speaker is your ticket to ultimate relaxation, turning your space into a peaceful haven full of endless possibilities.

Make Their Day With The Perfect Gift!

Surprise them with the perfect gift: our Retro Bluetooth Speaker. It fills any room with calming light waves, adding a magical touch to every moment. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or just because, this speaker turns your gift into a cherished memory. Your thoughtful choice will bring endless joy and wonder, enjoyed every day. Make your gift unforgettable and see their faces light up with pure happiness.

Choose Your Lighting

Customize the lighting to your exact preference with three adjustable modes. Whether you prefer a quick change, strobe effect, or a single color, our Retro Bluetooth Speaker matches your mood and desires.

Sleep & Relax With White Noises

Experience the soothing white noises of our Retro Bluetooth Speaker, designed to enhance sleep and relaxation with four calming sounds: ocean waves, birds singing, a flowing stream, and a crackling bonfire.

Control Volume & Music Playback

Relish the nostalgic charm with our Retro Bluetooth Speaker, featuring a vintage-style knob for music playback and an old-fashioned round dial for precise volume control, reminiscent of classic vinyl players.

Set Your Time & Alarm

Upgrade your mornings with our Retro Bluetooth Speaker’s alarm and clock functions. This stylish device wakes you up on time and keeps you informed with its clock display, combining vintage charm with modern convenience.

Play Music in Your Preferred Way!

Enjoy effortless connectivity with our Retro Bluetooth Speaker, featuring easy Bluetooth pairing and versatile playback options via AUX input and TF card for a smooth, enjoyable, and flexible audio experience.

Immersive Audio Experience

Experience unparalleled audio quality with our Retro Bluetooth Speaker, featuring 360-degree surround sound for a truly immersive experience. Enjoy rich, crystal-clear music that fills every corner, perfect for any occasions.

Crafted with Premium Materials

Every detail of our Retro Bluetooth Speaker is designed to be a work of art, transforming any space into a captivating oasis. Crafted with high-end materials and meticulous precision, the outer acrylic crystal ensures durability and a stunning visual appeal. Inside, an internal rotating light plate re-creates the mesmerizing dance of light, reminiscent of classic vinyl. The speaker features an easy-to-read digital clock and intuitive controls, all resting on a sleek, modern base that adds a touch of elegance to its vintage-inspired design.

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Qrismora Waves Vinyl

Qrismora Waves Vinyl

$48.95 $56.95

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