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Plushy Buddy Weighted Therapeutic Plush

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Hug Your Way to Less Anxiety & Better Sleep!

Our therapeutic plushy collection uses deep pressure stimulation similar to weighted blankets, to reduce anxiety and relieve stress. Something as simple as a hug with your new plushy can help your body calm down and feel less overwhelmed.

Improve your Mental Health & Wellbeing!

Deep pressure stimulation has been proven to help you get better sleep, increase levels of focus, soothe and relieve anxiety, boost mood, and aid in regulating stress.

The Perfect Gift for a Loved One!

The Plushy Buddy is a great gift for significant others, children, family members, and anyone who struggles with anxiety and sleep. This is a gift they’ll never forget!

Plushy Buddy - Weighted Therapeutic Plush

Why Plushy Buddy?

 We’re The Original

Plushy Buddy is the original weighted plush. There have been several knock-offs and cheaply made replicas from China coming up lately- stay away from those.

 Your New Favorite Sleeping Buddy

Amazingly soft and incredibly adorable, this cuddly friend will have your friends and family wishing they had one!

 Premium and Quality Materials

Our plushies are made with high-quality, environmentally-safe cotton and fabric which is ensured to last a lifetime.

 Easy to Clean, Easy to Take Care of

Simply pop your Plushy Buddy into the washing machine when you feel like it needs a clean. Each wash makes the plushie softer to touch!

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Plushy Buddy Weighted Therapeutic Plush

Plushy Buddy Weighted Therapeutic Plush

$39.95 $49.95

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