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Ab Force Stimulator

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CombatAbs Stimulator - Abs + Arms + Gel Pads CombatAbs Stimulator - Abs Only




  • Increases metabolism and burns fat
  • Fast & comfortable muscle building
  • Perfect for abs and arms
  • Latest cutting-edge EMS technology
  • 6 modes and 10 intensity levels
  • The Next Generation In Muscle Building & Fat Burning

The Ab Force Stimulator MediLisk is a military-grade muscle stimulator that delivers rapid fat loss and muscle growth. It uses advanced EMS technology that works by sending electrical impulses to train your muscles. When your muscles receive the signal, they contract and flex as they do naturally during a normal workout. Essentially, it mimics a high-intensity workout without the need to go to the gym or exercise.

Using it for just 20 minutes a day, you can: build muscle strength, accelerate weight loss, tone muscles, improve range of motion, relieve cramping and improve circulation, reducing muscle soreness and promoting heart health.

Get Shredded With Ab Force

A marvel in technology and design, the Ab Force Stimulator was built to be used wherever you go. With an LED display on each stimulator pad, it’s never been easier to control the intensity of your workouts, it’s perfect for beginners and pros of all ages, no matter your current body type.

All you have to do is put it on the area you want, choose 1 of 10 intensity levels and 6 different modes, press one button and you’re done. It’s like turning your body into a complete muscle building machine, but without the expensive gym membership!

What Makes Ab Force #1

The Best Features To Ensure Rapid Results…


Ab Force Stimulators are built with High quality materials and electronics. And with features only found on expensive models, there is no comparable product when it come to value for money.


Ab Force Stimulators have the latest in EMS body sculpting technologies. With LED display, easy charge USB, and 6 modes and 10 strength levels, you’ll achieve your desired results rapidly.


Ab Force Stimulators starts attacking your belly fat the second you turn it on. You won’t believe how quickly you feel it working your muscles. As the fat starts to melt away, ripped muscles start to appear.

Deep & Targeted Muscle Workout

Ab Force Provides Active Stimulation to Every Muscle




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Ab Force Stimulator

Ab Force Stimulator

$39.99 $49.99

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  1. R***a
    (verified owner)
    Is quite strong
    Ab Force Stimulator
  2. В***h
    (verified owner)
    Product exactly as described. Works well.
    Ab Force Stimulator
  3. J***e
    (verified owner)
    I love this and it’s great !!!!
    Ab Force Stimulator
  4. S***a
    (verified owner)
    So good
    Ab Force Stimulator
  5. R***e
    (verified owner)
    Arrived early. Works great after just one week of use, starting to feel slight affects on core muscles. Highly Recommend Starting on lower settings. In my male stupidity I thought this thing was going to be a joke, so I decided to started it on level 9. As I dropped to the floor as if I was being Tasered, my dear sympathetic wife also dropped to the floor in uncomfortable laughter at my stupidity and twitching and yelling as I was trying to lower the power.
    Ab Force Stimulator