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Silkier IPL

Remove hair painlessly in less than 5 minutes per day From itchy, red and irritated skin to smooth, hair-free and radiant skin – once and…

OrthoVivid 2.0

Take Charge of Your Dental Health with Osmo OrthoVivid Innovative Ultrasonic Technology: Promotes deep cleaning and removal of plaque and tartar for healthier teeth. Removes…

FitMetric Smart Scale 2.0

The Smart Scale That Cares FitMetric represents the new generation of scales with motivating health profiling and an easy-use phone app – suitable for up…

SnorLite Anti-Snoring Mouthguard

$35.00 $69.99
Targets snoring source by advancing your lower jaw forward. Improves breathing and airflow. Alleviate sleep apnea. One Size Fits all. Prevent teeth grinding during sleep.…