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Veusonic equipped with precise temperature and node technology

The Device Electric Cordless & foldable eye massager by Veusonic delivers a precise and heat-enabled in-home massage experience. This device uses shiatsu massage technology to target the ocular and temple areas. USers will benefit from microprocessor-controlled massage elements like air pressure, vibration, pressure-point kneading and heat compression. The Veusonic is best for dry eye and eye strain relief, natural headache remedy and everyday relaxation.

Rejuvenating Technology

Bring relief to strained, tired eyes – faster

The Veusonic is built to benefit users with precise heat and kneading technology. See the difference our shiatsu-inspired eye massage makes: Intelligently-controlled massage elements like pressure point stimulation and air pressure combine to provide unrivaled relaxation and pain relief.

Promote Whole-Body Wellness


With precise heat and pressure technology, the Veusonic improves blood flow in the ocular region, promoting lubrication and relieving soreness.


An eye massage targets muscles in the ocular area to help loosen tension and provide relief from sinus headaches.


Knead your way to faster stress relief by adding Veusonic to your self-care routine.


Omnidirectional massage nodes increase protein secretion to improve cell metabolism, smooth out wrinkles and eliminate dark circles.


Our massage device has been proven to improve sleep quality and emotional wellness.

Precise Power and Intensity

dry, tired and strained eyes are a thing of the past

It’s a well-known fact that one of the best ways to cure dry, tired eyes in the long term is through massage therapy. To relieve eye problems, the Veusonic’s massage nodes stimulate acupoints around the eyes, temple and forehead. Our eye massager stands out among the rest because it can more precisely control intensity and time duration for better results.

Thermal Powered Massage

Find faster healing via optimized heat

This device is equipped with thermal power for a heat massage like no other. We optimize the Veusonic’s heat power at a targeted 107°F for a consistently warm massage that’s guaranteed to promote blood circulation around the eye area.

Adjustable Fit

Every user gets a just-right fit

The one-size-fits-all Veusonic can self-adjust to every user’s face shape. It’s constructed with a wide elastic band to hug every head size.

Patent-Protected Innovation

For the best in home massage

The Veusonic is a uniquely innovative product built with an orbital design, an ergonomic shape and ultra-effective floating orbit-and-inner-chamber technology. 2.5 hours of battery life provide users with long-lasting convenience.

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  • 1 x USB Charger
  • 1 x USer manual (English)

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Original price was: $199.95.Current price is: $89.95.

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