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The Ultimate Affordable and Effective Massage Pressure System

You don’t realize that annoying neck pain until you move your head and feel the stiff feeling in your neck and want a chiropractor right away. Whether you’re at work or at the comfort of your home, any type of pain ruins your mood, and want a quick solution to ease the process. Whether your knots formed from sleeping at a weird angle or from sitting at one place for a long time, our Dual PinPoint Massager is your partner in crime for pressure point muscle pain!

Feel those knots go away!

Our Dual PinPoint Massager is the Ultimate handheld massaging device that targets pressure points in the body to relieve knots, stress with bouncing motion. Two firm silicone balls are soft to the touch, with enough pressure to create a relaxing massage by yourself!

Relieve neck, leg, back, & shoulder pain

Belle’s Dual PinPoint Massager targets your most common pain points and eases them with the soft silicone balls, combined with motion – activates muscles to release any tension.

It massages, squeezes, and kneads away all tensions and pain in that specific area.

Boost blood flow circulation

Massaging facilitates circulation because the pressure created by the massage tool actually moves blood to the congested areas. The release of this congested area creates an increase in blood flow to repair sore muscles and tissues.

It’s easy to use and effective: just place the massager over the tense muscles and slowly run it along the affected area, and you’ll feel the tension almost instantly melt away.

And unlike other massagers, it doesn’t require a long period of time before you feel the soothing effects (a few minutes is more than enough).

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Original price was: $54.95.Current price is: $29.95.

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