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Massage Handle

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Tired of having deep tension/tissue pain on your lower neck and hamstrings?

Worry no more our massage handle has you covered with all of your deep tissue pain and needs!

What is a massage handle ?

 A massage handle is a professionally engineered alternative to the chironeck. Our massage handle is built with high quality grade A massage balls that are gentle to the skin and soft to the touch. The massage handle was made to get that deeper massage in your neck that you just can’t get or rub.

Benefits of massage handle

✨very affordable for those on a budget ✨

✨ gives you that deep massage on your neck and legs that other products don’t ✨

✨ ready to take on the go wherever you are ✨

✨ can lower your blood pressure and help you relax ✨

✨ massages down those tightly strained arms and legs after work or after a workout 

✨ High grade A massage balls that are sweet to the skin and strong to the muscle ✨

Are you tired of having achy muscles after work or after a workout. Aren’t you tired of not being able to stretch out like you want to?


The Massage Handle Works By targeting those soft muscle points surrounding your neck! Our High Grade Rubber Ball Like design, softly and carefully pull and relieve your neck muscles. 


Massages Your Neck, Legs, and Arms!

The Massage Handle, is also great for your legs, arms, and even your back!



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Massage Handle

Massage Handle

Original price was: $29.95.Current price is: $24.95.

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