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IPL Laser Hair Removal

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Cheaper Than Laser, More Convenient Than Shaving, And WAY Less Painful Than Waxing

IPL Laser Hair Removal

Removing Hair With Brute Force And Scars Is A Thing Of The Past DermaBolt IPL Zaps Unwanted Hair Without Damaging Your Skin!

It’s crazy that we barbarically rip out hairs from the root with expensive gadgets and STILL have them grow back in a couple of weeks.

Even though we live in a technically advanced world, the best and most humane alternatives, like laser treatment, costs a fortune, and the most humane and cheap have hairs sticking up the very next day.

But now there is an alternative that takes the laser machine to our home, and it’s even less intrusive than shaving!

With Light pulses (IPL) the DermaBolt IPL destroys hair at the roots without damaging the skin, and it’s way less painful than any alternatives!


DermaBolt IPL is the next step in home grooming and makes it possible to become dolphin smooth without razor bumps or wax burns, and best of all, with time the results can be long-lasting hair growth reduction!

IPL Laser Hair Removal


IPL Laser Hair Removal

We have worked hard to provide you with a PLI Epilator that’s easy to use, offers long-lasting power, and is kind to your skin.

Compared to waxing where you have to remove residue, shaving needs water, or epilators that need moisturizers. With DermaBolt IPL, you just use it, and then you’re done.


IPL Laser Hair Removal

You can use DermaBolt IPL to remove hair on all body parts including your legs, bikini line, armpits, even your upper lip. And you can do it all, a full body treatment in 30 minutes! Whereas the best competitor does it in 45!

Have full control with its 6 different levels of intensity so you can have full control depending on the area you’re grooming.


More comfortable, faster results, better precision & coverage, easier to use, DermaBolt IPL is the clear winner.

6 levels

Begin with level 1 and work your way up to the intensity your hair requires.

Skin focused cooling-tech

Takes care of the skin after the hair has been removed and prevents ingrown hairs or irritation.

30-min full body treatment

Swap out the time and money you’d spend on laser, in-salon waxing, or annoying razors for long term hair removal.

Optimized flash window

The bigger and more anatomic window allows for greater precision in hard-to-reach areas.

Sleek Simple Design

Easy to use and in any position with the intuitive and ergonomic design. Unlike some handheld bulky versions, DermaBolt IPL offers you full control.

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IPL Laser Hair Removal

IPL Laser Hair Removal

Original price was: $179.98.Current price is: $89.99.

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